'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Director Comments on Upcoming Reshoots

X-Men fans started off the year with lots of excitement about what was in store for their favorite [...]

X-Men fans started off the year with lots of excitement about what was in store for their favorite franchise, only for both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants to be delayed from their 2018 release dates into 2019. While many fans might be nervous that this spells trouble for the films, Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg claims that reshoots on the film are a normal occurrence.

"It's normal for all these big movies now," Kinberg shared with Entertainment Weekly. "We'll go back when we can get all those actors together, and then it will give me enough time to have it ready and looking perfect."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was originally slated to hit theaters on November 2nd, with the announcement coming in March that it would be pushed back to February 14, 2019. The New Mutants has had an even rougher go at things, with its original release date being April 13th of this year, which was pushed to February 22, 2019, only to be pushed further to August 2, 2019.

Last December, Kinberg had confessed that crafting the look of the Dark Phoenix for the film would require a long post-production process, so it's possible that any amount of reshoots would likely result in major delays of the film's release.

"I wanted the post time to deliver on the nuance of the visual effects, not just the scale of them. That takes time," Kinberg explained to Entertainment Weekly of why the post-production for the film was scheduled to take nearly a year.

The upcoming film will chronicle a mission in which the X-Men head into outer space in hopes of saving astronauts when a series of solar flares begins Jean Grey's transformation into the Phoenix.

"Jean absorbs those solar flares and then hurls them back out into space," Kinberg explained. "That's what triggers, awakens, creates this Phoenix force and voice inside her. What appears to the world to be another heroic victory by the X-Men in saving stranded people in space we realize is the thing that begins the unraveling of Jean and the unraveling of secrets Charles told her."

It's unclear what these reshoots will add or change about the current film, though we're sure to find out when the film lands in theaters on February 14, 2019.

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