X-Men: 'The New Mutants' Reshoots Reportedly Underway

There are tons of questions surrounding the state of the X-Men franchise as Disney and Marvel Studios get ready to take over, especially with major delays to Dark Phoenix and the horror-themed The New Mutants.

Both films are set to come out this summer, but there are still questions surrounding the release of The New Mutants considering we've not heard much since reports of re-writes and reshoots would attempt to make the movie scarier.

According to comic series co-creator Bill Sienkiewicz, reshoots are currently in the works. The legendary artist offered the update to HN Entertainment during a red carpet interview at last week's Stan Lee tribute event.

"I think they're doing some reshoots right now," said Sienkiewicz, before revealing the influence his comic run had on the film: "It's very much related to what Chris [Claremont] and I did. It starts from there and then it just runs with it."

The artist went on to explain his influence on the movie and how the filmmakers were working to make it horrifying while also embracing the source material.

"Well, I think if you look at the film as it currently stands, again, they're doing some research to make it even more frightening, but what you'll see is that I'm all over it and Chris is all over it. Even though they didn't call me up and say 'Hey can you do this for the film?' It's in essence what we did in the comic, translated into the film," Sienkiewicz added.

While nothing official about The New Mutants has been released for quite some time, people involved with the movie continue to speak about it. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy teased her character Illyana Rasputin AKA Magik during a red carpet event for the film Glass.

"My character is a bad bitch from hell and I love her and she's crazy," Taylor-Joy told Variety. "She's really aggro and Russian and sassy. You're not going to be bored."

When asked if The New Mutants is a straight-up horror film, Taylor-Joy was hesitant to say.

"It's tricky and I haven't seen the final cut of it, but the energy [around] while we were making it was different than from what people have seen before," she added.

Hopefully we find out more about the movie's status soon, as director Josh Boone is set to write and direct a new adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand for CBS All Access.

The New Mutants is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters on August 2nd.



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