Zachary Levi Says He Had More Fun Working for DC Than Marvel

The latest DC Extended Universe film, Shazam!, hit theaters last month, and the film’s cast is still out there promoting the light-hearted addition to the franchise. Over the weekend, the film’s star, Zachary Levi, made an appearance at MegaCon in Orlando and answered tons of fan questions about his various roles. In addition to playing Shazam, the actor also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s two Thor sequels as Fandral. One fan asked which franchise was more fun, and Levi was quick to say DC, however, his reasoning was just.

“Everything’s a competition, isn’t it?,” Levi joked. “Well, I mean, I had more fun working for DC. I mean, I got to be my own superhero with DC, bro. It was super cool that I was cast, although I wasn’t able to do the first Thor, I was cast in that by Kenneth Branagh, who I think is an incredible talent.”

The first Thor film saw Josh Dallas in the role, but Levi ended up taking over the part in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. While the actor enjoyed playing Fandral the Dashing and getting the chance to speak in an English accent, the fun ultimately came down to which movie allowed him to do more.

“This is so dope, and we had some fun, but we didn’t really do all that much,” he explained. “I mean, anyone who saw the movie, you should know, they didn’t really go that direction with the movie, so I didn’t have that much to do. So, I couldn’t possibly have had as much fun as going and being my own guy, who by the way, again, is a 14-year-old in a superhero adult body. The fun and funny and joy and heart, and everything that comes from a premise like that… that’s a fun movie!,” he added.

“I’m so grateful that I get to do stuff like that, so yeah, DC… for life!,” Levi concluded.


That’s a pretty fair answer! The actor is clearly not saying DC is better than Marvel, but rather answering based on his own experience. Who wouldn’t have more fun playing a character like Shazam? Levi has actually been pretty adamant about not pitting the franchises against each other in the past. In fact, before the release of Captain Marvel, he called out the “fans” who were posting fake reviews.

Shazam! will be released on DVD and blu-ray on July 16th.