'Hellboy' Fans Freak Out Over First Footage

Fans got their first look at the new Hellboy movie on Saturday morning at New York Comic Con, and the response was enormous.

Hellboy took over NYCC's Main Stage with the new cast, as well as original series creator Mike Mignola. The footage has still not been released anywhere online, but if the fan reaction is any gauge it is going to be a massive hit. As soon as the panel let out, Twitter filled with ecstatic cries of anticipation.

"Holy crap the new Hellboy film looks amazing," one fan wrote.

"Just saw the first trailer for the new #Hellboy — footage looks great," added another. "Very funny. Harbour definitely puts a unique, more humorous spin on the character. Final shot of the trailer got huge applause."

"HOLY CRAP! THE #HELLBOY TRAILER IS AWESOME!!!!" raved a third. "The tone is very fun, and action packed! The visuals are very crisp and much different [than] the Del Toro films, but really looks like a good time! Harbour fits the roll great, and I am excited to see the film!"

The trailer seems to indicated a brief reiteration of the Hellboy origin story, after which the movie will pick up somewhere further into the character's story. It hit all the iconic beats fans would look for in the trailer, including Hellboy's massive flaming crown and sword.

Mignola also seemed pleased with the re-telling. He confirmed that the movie digs deeper into the epic story he started in comic books.

"It's such a long, complicated thing, how this stuff comes about, but it's the biggest Hellboy storyline I ever came up with," he told the crowd. "The movie does move a bunch of pieces around, but the movie's almost entirely made of pieces of the story Wild Hunt and the books that are book-ending it. And then there are bits and pieces of other Hellboy stories that are laced through it...when you have 25 years worth of material, and everyone's saying 'I want to use this' and 'I want to use that,' that's the fun bit, trying to string all those things together and make it work."


The movie stars David Harbour in the pivotal role as Hellboy.He is joined by Ian McShane as Professor Bruttenholm, Milla Jovovich as Nimue the Blood Queen and Sasha Lane as Alice Monoghan.

Hellboy is currently slated for release on April 12, 2019.