The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Director

2017 saw some big and bold advancements in the types of comic book movies audience responded to, brought to us by filmmakers with more diversified styles and takes on the genre than we've ever seen. This year,'s Golden Issue awards wanted to highlight those movie-makers who achieved something memorable and significant for the genre.

The staff at pooled together votes to select the Best Director, and while it took some heated debate, we think we've truly selected the best winner in this very tight race.

And the winner of Best Director is...


Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman!

Patty Jenkins had been waiting a long time to get proper chance to build a superhero movie according to her vision -- a chance Marvel missed when it scrapped Jenkins' version of Thor 2 in order to make Thor: The Dark World. DC and Warner Bros. gave Jenkins a shot at their Wonder Woman solo film after hearing the director's impassioned pitch as a life-long fan of the character.

It wasn't at all easy (to hear her tell it), but Jenkins made the sort of Wonder Woman film she wanted, with the version of the character she felt was true to the source material. After a lot of doubt and questioning leading up to the film's release, Wonder Woman shattered box office records, achieved the DC Extended Universe's greatest branding success to date, and inspired an entire generation of young girls.

Given how female resistance and empowerment became the dominant theme of 2017, Jenkins and her Wonder Woman are now also symbols of something bigger than just a movie.


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