Brad Pitt's Ad Astra IMAX Trailer Released

On Wednesday, 20th Century Fox released the latest trailer for Brad Pitt's Ad Astra, which showcases how the film will look on IMAX screens.

Ad Astra stars Pitt as Roy McBride, an astronaut who travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father, Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones). Not only does Roy believe that Clifford has been dead for years, but his disappearance could be tied to a mystery that threatens humans on Earth.

The cast of Ad Astra also includes Liv Tyler (The Incredible Hulk), Ruth Negga (Preacher), and Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games). The film is directed and co-written by James Gray (The Lost City of Z, We Own The Night).

The film has been in various stages of development since 2016, with the goal being to bring to life a terrifying take on space travel.

"I’m terrified by it." Gray told Collider in 2017. "The science-fiction genre is so tricky because there are elements of fantasy usually involved, and there are also fantastical elements. What I’m trying to do is the most realistic depiction of space travel that’s been put in a movie and to basically say, ‘Space is awfully hostile to us.’ It’s kind of a Heart of Darkness story about traveling to the outer edge of our solar system. I have a lot of hopes for it but it is certainly ambitious…"

The film was initially scheduled to be released in January and May of this year, before ultimately being pushed back as a result of some rescheduling after the Walt Disney Company acquiring 20th Century Fox's assets.


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Ad Astra will be released in theaters on September 20th.