Amazing Spider-Man 2 End Credits Easter Eggs Hint At Sinister Six Lineup

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While Sony Pictures might have foregone an after the credits scene for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (unless you count the X-Men: Days of Future Past clip), it appears that they might have included a different type of teaser. When Amazing Spider-Man 2 first premiered overseas, there was some talk that some of the images shown in the credits might hint at future Spider-Man villains. However, the theory didn't gain much weight, until Sony advised fans to be sure to Shazam the Amazing Spider-Man 2 credit sequence featuring the song "It's on Again" by Alicia Keys featuring Kendrick Lamar to unlock a look into the sinister future. Since the song "It's on Again" is already online, fans don't even have to wait to unlock the surprise. Shazamed the song, and they grabbed several screen captures of the ending credits. The images appear to tease Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. However, this is some debate that the Mysterio tease could actually be the Chameleon. While these end credits Easter Eggs might hint at the Sinister Six lineup, TheWrap was quick to point out that their sources have indicated that the final lineup has not been decided upon. The Easter Eggs are just meant to be teasers of a possible lineup.

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