Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rhino Only Gets 4 Minutes Of Screen Time

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Earlier today, Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb delivered a keynote address at South by Southwest. During his speech, Marc Webb talked about how he initially thought it was crazy when Sony Pictures pitched him the idea of directing a new Spider-Man movie. However, Webb knew it was a job he couldn't pass up. Webb joked, "What is the worst that could happen? Sony collapses and everyone loses their jobs." However, instead of causing Sony's collapse, Spider-Man has emerged as the studios savior. In fact, Sony recently announced plans to release a film set in the Spider-Man universe every year. Webb also talked about how he was upping the spectacle for Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is something that has already been obvious from the trailers. After the keynote, Webb fielded some questions from the audience, including one about how Spider-Man 3 in the original Spider-Man series was undone by including too many villains. It's a concern that many fans have voiced about Amazing Spider-Man 2, since it's known to include Electro, Rhino, and Green Goblin with other villains rumored. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Webb reassured fans that they were aware of those complaints and were careful to make sure that all the villains stories intertwine in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Webb also revealed that Paul Giamatti's Rhino character is only in the film for four minutes.