New Streaming Study Reveals Amazon Prime Video Has the Best Bang for Your Buck

There's never been a better moment for those looking for new movies or television shows to [...]

There's never been a better moment for those looking for new movies or television shows to consume. Thanks to the rapid advancement of original content on streaming platforms over the past few years, bingers never have a shortage of new things to watch at any given time. International conglomerates have placed an added focus on the world of OTT (over-the-top) programming, which has led to the rise of services like HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi in just the past few months alone. In a world where every company has its own service to offer, which one stands out above the rest?

According to a new study conducted by the streaming pros at Reelgood, Amazon's Prime Video has the best bang for your buck, and it's not really too close of a competition. In all but one of the five different categories included in the study, Prime Video bested all its competitors, including Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. The study weighs quality versus quantity, showing Prime holds its own weight on both fronts.

As of this writing, Prime Video boasts a whopping 12,828 movies as part of its content library, thousands more than Netflix (3,781), the second-place finisher in the category. Of those 12,828 movies, 568 of them pass the study's "high-quality" standard, which means the movie is rated over 7.5 stars on IMDb with a minimum of 300 votes. Netflix currently has 424 movies considered "high-quality" by the study's standards.

"When it comes to high-quality movies, Prime is still the winner," Reelgood's study suggests. "For second place, it's a close call between Netflix and HBO Max, with each one having 424 and 421 high-quality movies respectively. Considering HBO Max just launched two weeks ago, the service seems off to a good start!"

When combining movies and television shows, Prime Video has 15,048 items to choose from – all included in the platform's subscription package. Netflix, on the other hand, has 5,721, while Hulu is third was just 2,771.

The one category Prime Video falters is the monthly cost, at $8.99 per month. While it's far from the $14.99 WarnerMedia charges for HBO Max, two platforms are still more affordable – Disney+ at $6.99 per month and Apple TV+ at just $4.99 monthly. You can read the entire study here.

What streaming platform is your go-to service? Think it over and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Cover photo by Chesnot/Getty Images