Army Of Thieves Star Teases Army Of The Dead Zombie World Fate

Army of Thieves serves as a prequel to Army of the Dead (quite an entertaining prequel, by the way). Only one character from Zack Snyder's zombie movie from Netflix stars in the film with Matthias Schweighöfer checking in as his safecracking wise guy to show us his days prior to joining the Las Vegas zombie heist team. As audiences saw in Army of the Dead, that zombie city is no easy place to move in and out of or navigate while inside. Still, there is a character in Thieves who likely would think himself to be up for the challenge: Stuart Martin's Brad Cage. 

Martin talked with about his Nicolas Cage-inspired character and he's not too sure that Brad Cage's cockiness would serve him well in the apocalypse. "I think, he could have the same fate as Theo Rossi, couldn't he, you know?" Martin said, as seen in the interview video above. "He could be stepping out the door as cocky and then wiped out in five minutes. I feel like if we revisit these characters again, we're going to have to see that soft center, you know, that we touched on of Rolph and Brad's. We're going to have to see a vulnerable side to them. So you know, maybe he's a changed man."

As for if and when we may see the Army of Thieves characters again after this prequel film, "I don't know, who knows?" Martin said. "It would be fun to do so we'll see, we'll see what happens, yeah."

Zack Snyder, who directed Army of the Dead and produced Army of Thieves, does seem to have some ambitious plans for his Dead sequel, its Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas anime, and more. "The good news is Shay [Hatten] and I have written everything," Snyder said. "As far as the anime series, Shay and I did the entire thing, because that's another two hours of content basically that you're going to get. Shay wrote the entire script for Army of Thieves. He and I wrote Army of the Dead together. We have a plan for Army Two and beyond. So yeah. So I think that if you care, it's there. How's that? That's our motto."

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