Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries To Prank Danny DeVito on Twins 2 Set and the Result Is Hilarious

It's been 33 years since Ivan Reitman directed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins, the silly comedy that saw the very-different looking stars playing brothers. For many years, there have been talks of a sequel, Triplets, which would reunite Schwarzenegger and DeVito alongside a third unlikely brother. It was announced last month that the movie is officially in the works with Reitman returning to direct and Tracy Morgan signed on as the third brother. While working on Triplets, Schwarzenegger decided to prank DeVito by gifting him a cigar, but the present wasn't what it seemed... 

In his newsletter (via CinemaBlend), Schwarzenegger explained his prank on DeVito. "This month I also got together with my friend Danny DeVito to promote our movie Triplets! Ivan Reitman, our director who you know from Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Ghostbusters, wanted to get us together with our new, third brother, Tracy Morgan over Zoom. Naturally, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring back a prank Danny pulled on me all those years ago on the set of Twins. You may remember the story about Danny putting marijuana in my cigar. Well, this time we turned the tables! We waited until the end of the shoot and gave Danny the gift. But unfortunately, he still has the nose of a bloodhound and sniffed out the special ingredient right away. Here is the video of me giving him the cigar. I'm still waiting on Danny to send me the video of him giving it a try later that night." You can check out the video below:

"Twins was quite successful, and some years after, this whole thing started with Arnold meeting Eddie Murphy, and the suggestion came from one of them," Reitman revealed to Deadline. "It was, 'I should be a triplet, that could be a very funny comedy.' We started a script with Eddie, and after the success he had with Amazon Prime on Coming 2 America, he got himself booked up heavily. And we knew we were going to make it at the beginning of next year. I'd been good friends with Tracy Morgan for a long time and always thought he was one of the funniest men in the world. I thought he would make a terrific triplet, and we rewrote the whole script for him. Now, we'll go out and try and put the money together and get it made."

Triplets does not yet have a release date.