Avatar: The Way of Water Star Stephen Lang Teases What's to Come in Long-Awaited Sequel

At long last, the Avatar franchise is returning to the big screen. James Cameron's Avatar debuted in theaters nearly 13 years ago, and he has had a slew of sequels in the works for quite a while. At the end of this year, the first of those sequels is hitting theaters around the world, taking movie fans back to the world of Pandora. Don't expect Avatar: The Way of Water to be just like its predecessor, though. Everyone involved in the franchise continues to say just how different the sequel is.

Stephen Lang, who stars in both movies as Miles Quaritch, has already seen a good bit of Avatar: The Way of Water. While speaking with ComicBook.com's Chris Killian, Lang called Avatar 2 a "beautiful" movie that is unlike anything we've seen before.

"I have seen a lot of Avatar 2. It is amazing. There's no question about it," Lang said. "I mean, I've never seen anything like it and I've seen Avatar. It's pretty out there, it's beautiful. Aside from the fact that it's absolutely gorgeous to look at and everything like that, it's just such a humane film. There's so much heart and feeling and passion in the movie that I think it's going to have a very, very broad appeal."

How Many Avatar Sequels Will There Be?

Avatar was released back in 2009, but that doesn't mean James Cameron hasn't been working to continue the franchise. 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox) went all-in on the Avatar franchise after the first one became the biggest box office hit of all time. Four Avatar sequels were ordered into development.

The plan for 20th Century and Disney is to release a new Avatar movie every two years until all four sequels have hit the big screen. Avatar 3, which is already years into production, arrives at the end of 2024. That will be followed by Avatar 4 in 2026 and Avatar 5 in 2028. Those sequels will likely have subtitles, rather than numbers, similar to The Way of Water.

Avatar: The Way of Water arrives in theaters on December 16th.