Batman Beyond Co-Creator Bruce Timm Reacts to Michael Keaton's Return as Older Bruce Wayne

If there's one person that knows about an older Bruce Wayne taking on a mentor role, it's Batman [...]

If there's one person that knows about an older Bruce Wayne taking on a mentor role, it's Batman Beyond co-creator Bruce Timm. Though the upcoming The Flash movie isn't directly adapting the hit animated series he developed with Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, it will see the return of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight and appearing in a capacity that seems to have been inspired by Batman Beyond. Speaking in a new interview, Timm was asked about this return and like everyone else thinks it's a great idea, but brought up one great point that minimally sullies Keaton being back in the cowl.

"Honestly, I think the idea of Michael Keaton doing it is cool. Honestly, he looks a little too good," Timm told SYFY. "I know he's probably in his mid 60s now, but he looks pretty damn good for being over 60. I like my old Bruce Wayne to be like really old. But, who knows? It could certainly still work. He looks like he could kick most guys' asses."

Timm also opened up about the continued interest and love for Batman Beyond and pondered the possibility of it existing in a live-action form at some point; which would be appropriate since we're almost to the place in the future that the series took place.

"It's obviously super gratifying that people are still such fans of that show, especially because it was almost 25 years ago now that we did that show," Timm added. "It's crazy. We're almost halfway to the future. We're almost halfway to the time period it's supposed to take place in. It's super gratifying. Could it work in live action? Sure. Of course, it could. I think it's ready-made for it. I do think it would be a little on the higher end production-value-wise, because it would not be a cheap movie to make because it's set in the future. But I there's definitely some cinematic possibilities there, for sure."

Production on The Flash movie featuring Michael Keaton is reportedly set to begin in April of this year with Ezra Miller reprising his part as the Scarlet Speedster and IT filmmaker Andy Muschietti stepping behind the camera as director. Filming will reportedly take place at Warner Bros.' Leavesden studios, where a majority of the production will take place. Birds of Prey's screenwriter Christina Hodson teamed up with Muchietti to pen the script which also sees Ben Affleck's Batman appear.

We'll see how the multiverse collides when The Flash premieres in theaters on November 4, 2022.