Batman Nipples Were Embarrassing Moment For George Clooney

George Clooney As Batman

During an "As Me Anything" on Reddit, George Clooney talked a bit about playing Batman in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. When asked if there was a role he felt embarrassed about, he brought up the infamous bat-nipples:

"Well I wasn't thrilled with the nipples on the batsuit. You know that's not something you really think about when you're putting it on. You figure all batsuits have nipples and then you realize yours was really the first. Batman was just constantly cold I guess. But I have plenty of other things that I'm really obviously embarrassed about too. Oftentimes it'll be stumbling out of a bar drunk or something dumb like that but as you get older a major goal in life is try to do less and less embarrassing things. You know, try not to face plant publicly as often as possible."

When asked who would win in a fight between Danny Ocean and his Batman, Clooney was pretty candid about how useless his Batman would be in a fight:

"I don't think my Batman could have even walked across the stage. If Batman actually had to wear the suit that I wore, which was like 40 pounds of rubber, he literally physically wouldn't be able to lift his arms. They put you on a flat board, lie you on the ground and bolt you into this thing, and then they just pull the board out and leave you standing. Joel Schumacher goes action, I say 'I'm Batman' and then, cut, they drop me back down on the board and leave me on my back. Everitt McGill could kick Batman's ass."

Despite all that, when asked if he regretted playing Batman, Clooney said he didn't:

"Haha I get that question a lot. It's a funny thing, you've got to remember that when you're doing a movie, a lot of times you're spending 4 or 5 months on set and sometimes you're making really good friends and sometimes not. Some of the best films have been the least fun experiences and some of the worst, I've made lifelong friends out of it. It's the kind of thing where the memory of the film is very different than how it was reviewed, because it's months out of your life and you end up making close friends or having great experience on films that don't necessarily work. And that's a tricky thing to come to terms with."

Batman & Robin was, of course, the critically reviled movie that ended the Batman film franchise until it was rebooted eight years later by Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins. Probably for the best.