Black Adam Producer Sets Up Crossover Showdown With Shazam!

In a brief moment of Shazam!, DC fans were convinced that the film was already preparing the [...]

In a brief moment of Shazam!, DC fans were convinced that the film was already preparing the eventual clash between its titular hero and his comic book nemesis, Black Adam. As the wizard explains the history of magic's champion on Earth, a flashback moment shows a figure that many assumed was the character. A deleted scene from the movie would have teased the eventual arrival of Black Adam even more, and as we know DC is prepping for this eventual battle on the big screen. In a new interview, the producer of Black Adam opened up about these plans which he called ambitious.

"We're working closely with DC in terms of what the plan is for how everyone fits together," producer Hiram Garcia told Variety. "It's still in the works, but obviously Shazam exists in the Black Adam universe. I can just say that we have very big ambitions for Black Adam and all of the characters that we're introducing. How they're going to connect with other characters is still all being laid out, but I think fans are going to be happy, ultimately, with the way we end up guiding it."

A long time associate of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Garcia confirmed that production on Black Adam is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of next year. The film is scheduled to be released in theaterson December 22, 2021. Johnson has been attached to the project for many years and revealed the first details of it at DC FanDome last month.

"There are many variations and iterations of Black Adam that we have all fallen in love with over the years, and what I can promise you is a Black Adam that I feel in my heart is the right one to root our story in the beginning, this origin story," Johnson said during DC FanDome when presenting an exclusive look at Black Adam. "This is a character that will possess all the qualities that we have loved, regardless of what variation of Black Adam you've loved."

Describing the anti-hero as a "ruthless keeper of justice," Johnson added, "He is the judge, the jury, and the executioner, and he believes in an eye for an eye. He will always do everything he can to protect his people, more so protect his family."

Before he faces off against Shazam eventually Johnson's anti-hero will go toe-to-toe against a major DC Comics superhero team in the Justice Society including Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, and other heroes Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone. It's been previously speculated that Shazam and Black Adam may not meet each other until the third solo movie for Zachary Levi's hero.