'Black Dynamite 2': Phil Morris Updates Sequel Plans

Ten years ago, Michael Jai White released a cult-classic blaxploitation film into the world with Black Dynamite. The ridiculous action-comedy mashup earned enough praise to warrant an animated series on Adult Swim, with the film's actors reprising their roles for the new adaptation.

But still, many fans are wondering about a sequel. ComicBook.com caught up with actor Phil Morris, who played Saheed in the original film, and asked about plans for Black Dynamite 2.

"I love that movie. I love Michael Jai. I just love Bryon Minns, Scott Sanders, it's just a fantastic cast," Morris began. "I don't quite know. I keep asking Michael when. 'When, Michael, when are we going to come back and do some stuff man?' He has a movie called Outlaw Johnny Black that he was trying to get off the ground, and that's kind of a Black Dynamite-like sequel, but not really.

"I don't know. That's a question for him. He's a mad creator and Michael's a bit of a mad scientist as well. So those are really questions for him. I'm just happy to be a part of it and happy that the movie came out as well as it did."

While this might seem disappointing for fans, all hope is not lost for the potential of Black Dynamite 2.

Last January, White tweeted about a Black Dynamite sequel being in the works, though it was likely an attempt to drum up interest for a potential project. Hopefully some more progress comes from White's plans, because Black Dynamite is a blast.

Morris has since returned to another DC Comics project, joining the cast of Doom Patrol as Dr. Silas Stone. The actor talked to ComicBook.com about his draw to the project and how its different from his other superhero projects.


"It's not spoon feeding you a lesson of how to save the universe, or how to save yourself, or save your team," Morris explained. "They do it beyond themselves, in spite of themselves. They're dysfunctional as all get out, and I think that's more in keeping with the way the world is as opposed to the way the world we want to see is. That's what I love about Doom Patrol and those characters are as interesting in their psychology as they are interesting in their special abilities."

Morris can be seen in Doom Patrol's latest episode, "Donkey Patrol," now streaming on DC Universe.