Does Bullet Train Have A Post-Credit Scene?

This weekend sees the release of Sony Picture's Bullet Train and you better believe that some spoilers follow! With a cast as big as it has (Brad Pitt stars, leading an ensemble cast that also includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, and more) and a prime summer movie slot, one would assume that Sony is banking on this being one of their next franchises. To quickly answer your question, does Bullet train have a post-credit scene? The answer is no; however, there is a mid-credit scene that plays just a few seconds after the credits have begun to role. 

After the credits have started, only a few of them are shown on screen, eventually the quick mid-credit scene begins. This scene rewinds the movie to the moment when Brian Tyree Henry's Lemon falls from the bullet train, revealing that he survived the fall. After this he then stole the tangerine truck that crashed into and (seemingly) killed Joey King's The Prince. The scene ends as he drives away screaming and laughing. That's it! Once you've seen that scene you're free to leave without missing anything else, though the animated credits in the film do look cool.

Though without an official post-credit scene, that doesn't mean Bullet Train doesn't leave the door open for a sequel. While most of the cast of the movie doesn't make it out of the film alive in the end, Brad Pitt's Ladybug and Sandra Bullock's Maria Beetle walk away to live for another day and take part in another score. Brian Tyree Henry's Lemon also lives to see another day, driving off in a Tangerine truck; plus Andrew Koji's The Father and Hiroyuki Sanada's The Elder walk away as well.

As a result of the film, the Japanese underworld now has a major power vacuum happening since Michael Shannon's White Death has been killed, along with most of his goons and many other assassins. That no doubt leaves some room to explore in a potential sequel but there's also the possibility that Brad Pitt's Ladybug could just walk off for a job in another country.

Hollywood doesn't make a huge summer blockbuster unless they're hoping to turn it into a franchise, and Bullet Train is no different. Though the film is largely its own self contained story, a modern day blessing, there's still room for a potential sequel if the audience is eager for that.


Bullet Train is now playing in theaters.