'Bumblebee' Stars Speak Out About the Struggling Box Office

The latest Transformers movie has faced a bit of fatigue, with Bumblebee becoming the latest film to see diminishing returns at the box office in the wake of five different productions from Michael Bay.

But despite the surprisingly positive critical response for Travis Knight's film, Bumblebee has still faced steep odds at the box office, mostly due to stiff competition from Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns.

While the film might not be blowing up with ticket sales, the actors who feature in Bumblebee are proud of their contributions. Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena told Screen Rant that they're happy with the film as it is, and aren't concerned with Bumblebee's box office success.

Steinfeld said she thinks people were confused by the film's title, but stands by her work because the movie "has a lot of heart and a lot of soul."

"I think that that's what people are learning after they see it," added Steinfeld. "And so, here I am, spreading the word. This is a film with a lot of heart and soul. If that's what you're looking for, you can find that as well as what you know and love from Transformers films."

Cena too emphasized the value of the story over box office numbers, saying "you could speculate that this would have been a better week or that would have been a better month."

The wrestler turned actor has even more insight into this high level of competition, as he experienced in World Wrestling Entertainment.

"There's always going to be competition," said Cena. "In the world of WWE, there's always something that can take... they can give a consumer another way to buy a ticket. So I'm used to a very competitive atmosphere and I don't... you never want to... you never don't want competition. I think competition is good for all movies, and it's good for moviegoers. So I'm very happy with what it's done."


It's doubtful that Bumblebee will jump to the top of box offices, and Paramount Pictures can only hope to recoup their costs with home video and merchandising sales. But with the poor outing from Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight, it seems like there's a good chance that the franchise could see some major changes in the near future.

Bumblebee is now playing in theaters everywhere.