Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Announces She's Launching A YouTube Channel

Brie Larson conquered the box office with Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, and while we still have to wait a bit to see the sequel, Larson has a lot more content coming your way. Larson's been teasing some big news over the past week, and today she announced that she is starting a YouTube channel, complete with the first video that gives fans a taste of what's to come. Larson will be posting silly stuff from time to time, but she will also be interviewing a diverse mix of guests from around the world about all kinds of topics, and we got a look at several of those guests in the first episode on the channel. As for why she's starting it, Larson has learned a lot from YouTube over the years, and now she wants to dive in herself.

"YouTube has been a place that I've learned so much, whether it's been like how to use my printer, or it's been watching like how to be a considerate activist, this is like the place to talk about things that are important and that matter," Larson said. "It doesn't mean that there also isn't silly content. That there are ways to express myself personally, but there will also be deep conversations, anti-racist rhetoric, inclusive content. So with all that said, the following video is just me getting warmed up and feeling this out and getting to talk to a lot of really brilliant creators."

For her first conversation Larson brought on Justine Ezarik to talk to, and the first part of the video is hilarious. Larson is trying to figure out Zoom and how to record, and Justine is walking her through it. This was clearly the first one, and we can't wait to see the full thing.

The video also teases some of the upcoming interviews, as Larson talks to Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, Jessie Ennis, Nina Park, Sean Evans, Kelly Stamps, Bryce Scarlett, Swoozie, Michelle Khare, Lauren Riihimaki, Juanpa Zurita, Lilly Singh, Jason Walsh, Karina Garcia, Connor Franta, and even her mom.

Everyone was pretty thrilled with Larson starting a YouTube channel, though her mom took a bit of convincing to show the proper amount of excitement. She came around on the second try though.

You can check out Larson's new YouTube channel right here, and fans will see her grace the big screen once more as Captain Marvel when the sequel hits on July 8th, 2022.