'Captain Marvel' Artist Reveals First Draft of Costume

Marvel Studios made a big splash with its first big promotional debut of Captain Marvel, and no [...]

Marvel Studios made a big splash with its first big promotional debut of Captain Marvel, and no doubt the the highlight of that reveal was seeing actress Brie Larson in her official Captain Marvel costume!

However, one aspect of the Captain Marvel movie costume that had fans debating was no doubt the question of whether or not the MCU Captain Marvel would (or should) have her classic sash from the comics (#Sashgate). Obviously the version of the costume we'll see in the film doesn't have the sash - but some new concept art reveals that Marvel Studios did have a version of Brie Larson's costume that fully embraced Captain Marvel's classic comic book roots:

Captain Marvel Movie Costume Concept Art by Jamie McKelvie

This work was done by artist Jamie McKelvie, who was apparently working on concepts for the MCU Captain Marvel as far back as 2012! When Marvel revealed he official first photo of Brie Larson in costume, McKelvie took to Instagram to share his thoughts on how the final version of the costume relates to his early concepts.

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While official superhero movie costumes are almost always the subject of some level of debate, it's become almost as thrilling to see the concepts of what could've been. Marvel Studios employs a large and impressive lineup of artists to collaborate on bringing its characters to life onscreen, and those concepts can range to fantastical designs that fans have never seen or imagined, to the sort seen above, which reach right into the comic book source material and translate that classic imagery onto the screen.

As for #Sashgate: while the concept art makes a good case for Captain Marvel's classic look being translated to the MCU, the new plot details we learned about this approach to Carol Danvers' story makes the sash a bad fit for the character. In this MCU telling, Carol has been in space for years fighting alongside a Kree military team called Spaceforce. In that sense, it makes sense for her to have a costume that looks like an alien battlesuit - i.e., one that doesn't have a sash. The accessory also doesn't seem like a fit for this version of Carol, who is described as being brash and headstrong to run into a fight. That kind of personality definitely doesn't scream "sash."

What do you think of this Captain Marvel concept art? Let us know in the comments!

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