Chloe Moretz Won't Be A Redhead In The Little Mermaid


Last month, Chloë Grace Moretz landed the title role in Working Title and Universal's live-action adaptation The Little Mermaid and in a recent interview she shared some new details about her version.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the young actress at the KIIS-FM iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert and asked if she'll dye her hair red for the starring role in The Little Mermaid. "No! I want red hair," she confessed but the film is based on Hans Christian Anderson's 1837 fairy tale, not the popular 1989 Disney animated film that is etched into a lot of people's memories.

"So, I'll actually have blonde hair," she offered. That matches how the character was illustrated in the original book -- with long, sandy blonde hair. She also said her Little Mermaid movie will be "a modern, revisionist tale" and it will be "progressive for young women in this day and age."

Listen to Chloë's comments in the video below.

Screenwriter Richard Curtis is polishing The Little Mermaid script, which has already been worked on by Caroline Thompson, Kelly Marcel and Abi Morgan. Currently there is no director attached to the project.