Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons Clip Sees Rose Testing Jericho (Exclusive)

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided with an exclusive clip from the new DC Universe animated release Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons. The movie, which greatly expands on content in the eponymous animated series from CW Seed, centers on Deathstroke's quest for revenge on the people who tore his family apart. One of the things we will get to see, then, is a little bit of Deathstroke interacting with his kids in a way we don't usually get to see onscreen: as a functional human being, rather than either an enemy combatant or manipulative master, as he has been in numerous Teen Titans stories.

In the clip provided to, you can see that in this R-rated take on DC's master assassin, it isn't just Slade who can be crappy and manipulative to his family. In the clip, Rose is testing Jericho, to see whether he will use his powers to make a group of soldiers to do his -- read, Rose's -- bidding.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - The Movie is available to pre-order on Blu-ray / Digital here on Amazon for $19.99 with shipping slated for August 18th (you won't be charged until it ships). It's also available to download via digital formats like Prime Video starting earlier this week for the same price.

You can also still watch the original "TV" version on CW Seed, but it's toned down somewhat and about half as long. Fans of the CW Seed animated shows will remember that this is similar to how they handled Vixen: The Movie and Freedom Fighters: The Ray when those were released.

Both the Blu-ray combo pack and digital will include the "Deathstroke: One-Man Death Machine" featurette, which is described as follows:

"Some think he’s a villain. To others, he’s an unsung hero of secret wars fought all over the world. One thing’s for certain: When you see the orange-and-black mask, Deathstroke is coming!"


Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons gives DC Animated Movies’ their first true look into the complicated backstory of one of DC’s most controversial characters – Deathstroke is sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero, and always deadly,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Senior Vice President, Originals, Animation and Family Marketing. “Michael Chiklis does an incredible job capturing the ruthless approach and conflicted internal struggles of Deathstroke.”

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