Taco Bell to Recreate Iconic Restaurant From 'Demolition Man' for SDCC

This month's San Diego Comic-Con is set to showcase the future of nerdy movies, television shows [...]

This month's San Diego Comic-Con is set to showcase the future of nerdy movies, television shows -- and even futuristic fast food.

Taco Bell recently announced plans to bring back their Nacho Fries, a hugely popular side dish that debuted at their locations earlier this year. To celebrate the return, Taco Bell will be launching a pretty layered marketing campaign, which will culminate in a Demolition Man-themed pop up.

For the uninitiated, Demolition Man is a sort of sci-fi cult classic, which follows John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), a police officer brought out of suspended animation in 2032 to track down a dangerous criminal named Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). In one memorable sequence of the 1993 film, it's revealed that Taco Bell was the only company to survive "The Franchise Wars", meaning that every restaurant in 2032 is some form of a Taco Bell.

Yes, you read that right.

"When you create a fake trailer for a fake movie for a real product that surpasses all expectations of products (and movie trailers), it seems inevitable that you have to create a sequel," Marisa Thalberg, Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell Corp, said in a press release (via Business Insider). "And what better way to tease this sequel, than pay homage to a real movie's 25th anniversary - one that had a very compelling view of a fictional future?"

This Demolition Man-themed Taco Bell will be available from July 19th to July 21st in San Diego Comic-Con. More details are expected to be released closer to the convention date.

If you're not able to make it to SDCC, there's still plenty of ways to get in on the fun. The dish is set to return to Taco Bell locations on July 12th, something that will be teased on the restaurant's website and through the hashtag #NachoFries. To celebrate the campaign, Demolition Man will also be available to stream for free via FandangoNow.

Do you want to check out this Demolition Man pop-up? Are you currently craving some Nacho Fries right now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.