Did Warner Bros. Give Justin Bieber A Batman Vs. Superman Script With A Fake Phone Number?

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Two days after Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself with a Batman Vs. Superman script, news headlines are still posing the question of if Justin Bieber is the new Robin. While most are speculating that the photo is part of a Funny Or Die skit, there is still some doubt circulating over if Bieber could really be up for a role in the film. There are however a couple things pointing to the Batman Vs. Superman script being a clever fake. For one, as many fans have pointed out, the Batman Vs. Superman logo shown on the script is not the exact same as the one from Comic-Con, but rather it is an unofficial fan copy that has been circulating online. However, the even bigger clue that the document is false is the phone number. While the phone number is a little blurry on Bieber's Batman Vs. Superman script, the area code can be made out as 823. While the Burbank, California address on the script is correct for Warner Bros., 818 is actually the real area code for Burbank. In fact, according to a quick Google search, 823 isn't even a valid area code in North America. Any attempt to call what looks to be the number on the script or any variation thereof with the 823 area code results in a "your call cannot be completed as dialed" message. It's surprising that with the number of national news organizations still reporting on the Batman Vs. Superman script as possibly being legit, none seem to have noticed or pointed out the fake phone number. Instead of asking if Justin Bieber might play Robin in Batman Vs. Superman, perhaps everyone should be asking if Warner Bros. gave Justin Bieber a Batman Vs. Superman script with a fake phone number. It looks like whoever is behind the gag, whether it be Funny Or Die or Justin Bieber himself, took care to make sure no one was flooded with phone calls.