Massive Disney+ Reveal Thread Likely Worth Millions in Advertising Costs

Monday morning, somewhere deep within the tunnels of Disney HQ, a marketing team gathered to compile one of the largest Twitter threads in history. In total, well over 600 tweets were rolled out, with each tweet announcing one movie or television show hitting Disney+ when it launches in November. Likely annoying to some, the move has ended up as a masterclass in social media marketing with the initial thread likely worth millions by now, a number only increasing from here.

A few years ago, social media analytics firm SumAll released a study in which it revealed each retweet is worth slightly north of $20 — $20.37, to be exact. As we were crunching some numbers, we noticed Disney+ tweeted a whopping 632 times today, with all but a few tweets being a part of the thread. As of this writing, those 632 tweets have tallied at least 154,899 retweets. Doing some crude math, that means it's safe to say based on retweet valuations alone, that monstrous thread is worth at least $3.14 million to the House of Mouse.

There are all sorts of metrics that'd increase that valuation exponentially — let's take the tweets themselves, for example. In that same SumAll study, it's suggested tweets themselves are worth $25.62, meaning there's an addition $16,000 in valuation right there. Then, we have to find how much each like and mention costs and on top of everything, we'll eventually have to deal with impressions — or each time one of the tweets appeared on someone's screen without any engagement (a like, retweet, or mention).

Using comparable metrics, Next Big Sound — another social analytics firm — suggests each like is worth $0.33. Luckily for Disney, the Disney+ reveal thread notched at least 1.2 million likes, resulting in an additional $396,000 for the company. The same company valued impressions at a measly penny per impression and while that metric is a bit harder to track for someone outside of the corporation, it's safe to say we can probably combine the likes (1.2 million) and retweets (150,000) and end up with 1.35m impressions — a healthy $13,500.

That's not even getting into the pre-orders or subscriptions generated as a direct result of awareness generated from the thread, which is undoubtedly a hefty chunk of change in and of itself. If you're keeping track at home, our total is already up around $3.5m and it's growing by the second — even more since we erred on the side of caution.


Disney+ launches November 12th.

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