Don't Breathe 2 First Look Released

A first look at horror sequel Don't Breathe 2 has been released. The first look features the first film's twisted "Blind Man" killer (Stephen Lang) in an ominously pensive pose, holding a hammer. It looks as though the Blind Man is listening for his prey, in the midst of what looks to be rainfall or a waterfall. That latter guess jibes with the description of Don't Breathe 2 that's included with USA Today's photo reveal: "Set years after the 2016 hit, the horror sequel catches up with blind veteran Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), who's been living in an isolated cabin but has his solace interrupted when past sins catch up to him."

Check out your first look at Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe 2, in the photo below!

Don't Breathe 2 First Look Photo Revealed
(Photo: Sony Pictures)

It's pretty big that Lang's "Blind Man" character now has a name: Norman Nordstrom. It's also clear that the concept for the sequel will leave the confines of a single house behind for the more expansive hunting ground of a remote cabin in the wilderness. As any hunter knows too well: when you're hunting in the forest, sound and smell are two of the biggest factors in making the kill. Better not step on the wrong twig or branch!

Don't Breathe was a surprise hit when it hit theaters in 2016. Director Fede Alvarez and his Evil Dead remake leading lady Jane Levy reconnected to deliver a unique twist on a horror "event" film. Lang's Blind Man was a killer that hunted using sound, which created a unique slasher film format where every decibel of sound became an instrument of terror and anxiety for the audience. Since the killer relied on sound, the light was also inconsequential, resulting in unique moments like the "Lights Out" chase sequence using night vision cameras, which has become a cult classic and innovative moment for the horror genre.

Obviously, the challenge now is for Don't Breathe 2 to deliver more of what fans embraced and loved about the first film, without the concept behind the series growing stale or gimmicky. In addition to Lang, the sequel will see a new cast of characters being hunted by the Blind Man, including Rocci Williams, Stephanie Arcila, Bobby Schofield, Diaana Babnicova, Adam Young, and Christian Zagia. The film is being directed by Rodo Sayagues, who has been Fede Alvarez's writing partner on his breakout short Panic Attack!, the Evil Dead remake, and the first Don't Breathe. Alvarez will co-write the script for the sequel.


Don't Breathe 2 will be in theaters on August 13th.