The Rock Headed to Canada to Promote Black Adam

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is leaving America behind to travel to the shores of Canada in October, where he will be promoting the release of his new DC Universe movie, Black Adam. Johnson released a new promo for Black Adam where he speaks directly to Rock and/or DC fans in Toronto, letting them know the city will be an official stop on his promotional tour for Black Adam this fall. The video also teases some of the hot footage from the latest Black Adam trailers, looking even more pretty and polished than ever before. 

"What is up fan expo! Man I am so pumped to give you, the diehard fans, the exclusive tip that I am coming to Toronto. Finally! The Rock returns to Toronto, his home away from home, in October, to celebrate Black Adam on the big screen." 

The Rock instructed fans to be watching Warner Bros. Canada social pages for opportunities to win a chance to join him at the event – whose vague description makes it unclear what, exactly, the event will even be. Narcity Toronto's additional details on the event make it seem like it could be one of the first worldwide screenings of Black Adam with fans, before the film's official release on October 21st. Without knowing the exact date of this Toronto event, it's hard to say for sure whether fans will get the full early screening experience, or simply preview footage and a Q&A with Rock, meant to drum-up last-minute publicity for the film before release. 

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The real sign of what WB does with Black Adam's promotions will start to look much clearer once early reactions to the film start to filter out online. Warner Bros. (and its new merger with Discovery) has shaken up the entire DC Films franchise in 202: the original slate had no less than six DC films on it (The Batman, Black Adam, The Flash, League of Super Pets, Aquaman 2, Batgirl); as of writing this, only three of those films will actually be released. The 2023 slate has also been uprooted already (Aquaman 2, The Flash, and Shazam! 2), and the entire shape of DC's shared universe is back to formless clay under new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, with no clear roadmap to where it is going. 

In that sea of uncertainty that is DC/WBD, Black Adam and The Rock are looking like sturdy vessels to carry the franchise forward into new waters. So marketing is going to be key if DC wants that billion-dollar bank. 

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Black Adam will be in theaters on October 21st.