El Camino Stars Return to Breaking Bad in New Behind-the-Scenes Footage

For the first time in six years, TV fans are getting the opportunity to return to the world of [...]

For the first time in six years, TV fans are getting the opportunity to return to the world of Breaking Bad with the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. The film will follow the story of Jesse Pinkman, once again played by Emmy winner Aaron Paul, immediately following his escape in the Breaking Bad series finale. This movie has been a long time coming and Netflix is offering a little glimpse into the the cast and crew's return to the franchise.

On Thursday morning, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes featurette for El Camino, including interviews from Paul, the creative team, and some of his co-stars. You can watch the full featurette in the video above!

"I knew that this story started with where we left off in Breaking Bad, but I had no idea where it was heading," Paul says in the video. "I think the story of this film is really about the struggle to survive. It follows a man on the run that will truly stop at nothing to become free. Obviously we thought this thing was done, but it still very much lives and breathes in all of us. So much time had passed but we're all still so close, and so it was like old friends coming together."

Paul also goes on to say that he thinks this film will really delight the fans of Breaking Bad. "I think all of our fans will be so thrilled to see this next chapter. I think it really gives some closure for this character."

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wrote and directed El Camino in an effort to finally complete the story of Jesse Pinkman.

"This is very much a Breaking Bad movie," Gillian explains. "It feels a bit like old home week, it feels a bit like deja vu. And yet it also feels like something fresh and new. Aaron getting to star in his own movie, the Jesse Pinkman story post Breaking Bad, I've been looking forward to doing this for years."

"Vince did such an excellent job at the end of Breaking Bad, but I really felt like there was one story that was not fully explored and that was Jesse's," adds producer Melissa Bernstein.

Also appearing in the video are Charles Baker and Matt Jones, who are back to once again play Jesse's friends Skinny Pete and Badger. In the video, it's Jones who best sums up the feeling of being back in the world of Breaking Bad.

"It was like going back to your high school reunion, if your high school sold meth," he jokes.

Are you pumped for El Camino to finally debut? Which characters are you hoping to see return? Let us know in the comments!

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie arrives on Netflix this Friday, October 11th.