'Enchanted 2' Director Gives Update on Sequel, Amy Adams' Involvement

Does happily ever after really last forever? Let's hope not, because we're all more than ready to [...]

Does happily ever after really last forever? Let's hope not, because we're all more than ready to see a sequel to Enchanted. Fortunately, it looks like that dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Back in January, the director of the planned Enchanted sequel, Adam Shankman, revealed that the script for the film was just about finished and that the music team was hard at work on some of the new songs.

Now, just a couple of months later, Shankman has once again offered an update on the film, and he made sure to mention that star Amy Adams was really excited by where the project was.

"We're turning in a script really soon, and everybody feels really good and gung-ho," Shankman said during an interview with Collider. "I've been in touch with Amy [Adams] and the cast, and everybody is really into it. We all love the story about everybody wondering what exactly defines happily ever after. It's just a very exciting project that we all hope happens. Right now, we're in a good place."

Since the first film was such a big hit, many would have thought that the sequel, currently titled Disenchanted, would have come a long much sooner. According to Shankman, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

"It's been in development for a long time, but remember, in the midst of it, there was a big regime change, and a lot of stuff around the studio, figuring out what was important to Disney and how many movies they were going to make a year," the director said. "There were some big movies that they were right to make, right out of the gate. Their track record is impenetrable. Making a movie over there is very exciting because they do not feel the need to put anything into production until they feel like they have it completely right."

Additionally, Shankman revealed that the new movie will have a lot more music than the first one did, but some familiar faces will be returning to make sure the numbers are better than ever.

"As planned right now, there's more singing and dancing than there was in the first one, and it's all original music, with Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz coming back to do it."

Disenchanted will take place 10 years after the events of the first film, focusing on how Giselle is dealing with her "Happily ever after." At this time, the movie doesn't have a set release date.


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