Xfinity Gives Us the ET Sequel We Needed in New Commercial

Look who came home for the holidays.— Xfinity (@Xfinity) November 28, [...]

Today marks a special holiday for millions of families around the United States. Thanksgiving has become a holiday where loved ones gather together and reminisce on their best memories with one another. Of course, nostalgia plays a major factor in the holiday, and it seems like Xfinity knows that very well. And to celebrate the season, the company just gave fans the E.T. sequel they have always dreamt about.

As you can see above, the Xfinity video is a rather long one. The promo clocks in at nearly five minutes and follows a very familiar character. Elliot, the little boy who audiences fell in love with decades ago, returns as an adult in this clip. After all of these years, Elliot has grown into a man with a wife and two children. He has an older son and young daughter to keep track of, but things get haywire when a friend from the past shows up.

The video sees E.T. return home after going years without seeing Elliot. The boy's children find the alien hiding behind a snowman before their dad realizes what is going on. The emotional reunion will have fans of the original film feeling emotional, and it only gets worse from there.

As the short continues, fans watch as Elliot and his family welcome E.T. into the fold. The alien gets to watch a movie and even play a VR game before his time to leave comes around. This time, it is Elliot's son who gets on a flying bicycle to usher E.T. to his ship, and the nostalgic scene will take the breath from audiences. If Elliot's final moment with E..T. doesn't make you cry then this getaway scene will do the trick.

If you want to read more about the story of this surprise sequel, then you can read up on its below. Xfinity put out a statement about the holiday special, and it describes the story and reasoning behind this unbelievable gift:

"E.T. is back on earth for a surprise visit with Elliott, who now has his own family. Although technology has changed our world since they've last seen each other 37 years ago, their connection and friendship remains strong and is a touching reminder of how important reconnecting is during the holiday season.

This story was made in connection with Universal Pictures, part of the Comcast family of companies. We are honored to be able to bring back these characters this holiday season. We hope seeing the reunion story of E.T. and Elliott inspires families everywhere to watch the movie together – whether it's their first time or 25th time seeing it.

To give more families the opportunity to experience the magic of E.T. this holiday season, we will be featuring the film on SYFY on Thanksgiving Day and making it available on demand for Xfinity TV customers. Xfinity TV customers with X1 will be able to say "E.T. Phone Home" into their Voice Remote for an E.T.-themed destination. Also, anyone who visits a Xfinity retail location can pick up a special E.T. coloring book and candy!"

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