Eternals Director Chloe Zhao Explains How Kevin Feige Fit Her Film Into the MCU

Eternals director Chloe Zhao explained how Kevin Feige managed to fit her film into the MCU. Margaret Gardiner spoke with the filmmaker on her YouTube channel about everything concerning the upcoming movie. A lot of fans are waiting with bated breath to see what Marvel can do with a beloved Jack Kirby property. As more images continue to surface of the characters, there's a sense of what the designs could look like in live-action. Zhao is a newcomer to the MCU and this project is regarded as a large departure for the franchise. Phase 4 was going to need some shaking up after the status quo changes in Avengers: Endgame. From the sounds of these comments, the director feels that they've got a story that fits with the larger universe, and still manages to forge new ground for the franchise. (Credit to The Direct for the transcription.)

"I think that Marvel has been so incredible, that Kevin and Nate and the whole team, they knew from the moment I pitched the film, I really wanted to [have], you know, the scope and scale, and, at the same time, the intimacy," she explained. "They knew I wanted both and they have been so incredible holding my hand through the entire process of allowing me to go as far as possible and as small as possible, and how that fit into the whole MCU. It's been a pretty incredible process, you have to wait and see."

During the Disney Investor Day presentation, Feige laid out Eternals for people who may have been new to the property.

"Marvel Studios' The Eternals features an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years," Feige explained. "Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows to reunite against mankind's most ancient enemy, The Deviants."

He continued, "The outstanding ensemble cast includes Richard Madden as the all-powerful Ikaris, Gemma Chan as humankind-loving Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani as the cosmic-powered Kingo, Lauren Ridloff as the super-fast Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry as the intelligent inventor Phastos, Salma Hayak as the wise and spiritual leader Ajak, Lia McHugh as the eternally young, old-soul Sprite, Don Lee as the powerful Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan as the aloof longer Druig, and Angelina Jolie as the fierce warrior Thena. Kit Harrington was cast as Dane Whitman."

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