Flickmetrix Aims to Take Down Rotten Tomatoes With Better Rating System

When it comes to getting movie information, the Internet has vast options and resources. However, [...]

When it comes to getting movie information, the Internet has vast options and resources. However, there's always room for improvement, and that's what one redditor is aiming to do.

In a post to the r/movies subreddit, which is devoted to "News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures," u/yombato is sharing information about their latest endeavor, FlickMetrix.

"I built a site that combines Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Letterboxd and Metacritic ratings, with Netflix and Amazon Prime availability, and can notify you when top rated movies are released on each platform," they explained.

With a simple layout, the site allows you to choose movies that are either on disc, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. You can narrow your choices down to a specific genre, range of critic review numbers, and even the Netflix region. There is also a year scale and average rating scale.

You can also personalize your own watchlist, seen section, and favorites section. When searching for films, you have the ability to sort your search in various ways, including by average rating or by a site's individual rating, for example, IMDB's or Rotten Tomatoes'.

People were quick to comment on the Reddit post, asking for additions such as saving searches, including Hulu and HBO, and adding television shows. u/yombato says saved searches are coming, but they're still mulling over the idea of adding TV shows to the site.

"Man, you're about to be huge," one commenter added.

"How do I invest?!," asked another.

For the most part, the new site is getting positive reactions, with many movie fans affing their own suggestions for the site, which u/yombato seems to be considering.

When you click the about section, it gives you the option to send $3.75 to the site's creator so that they can buy a beer. Maybe this whole thing is just a set up to acquire free booze, but it's still a noteworthy concept.

For more info or to create your own account, you can visit the website here.

What do you think of FlickMetrix? Is it a resource you plan to use? Tell us in the comments!