'Frozen 2' Breaks Record for Animation Trailer Views

As millions of fans made clear, it's hard to let it go when it comes to sisters Elsa and Anna, and [...]

As millions of fans made clear, it's hard to let it go when it comes to sisters Elsa and Anna, and the trailer for Frozen 2 is anything but a fixer upper.

In just 24 hours, the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2 became the most viewed animation trailer of all time with over 116 million views. The analytics come from the accumulated value of views from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, across various Disney-branded networks.

Anticipation is mounting for Disney's sequel to Frozen, which proved to be a smash hit at the box office, home video storefronts, and in soundtrack sales. After spawning two animated short film spinoffs, fans continue to clamor for a proper sequel — and their prayers will be answered this holiday season.

While we still don't know much about the movie, we should expect the royal sisters of Arendelle to be challenged in new ways as the fall season creeps up, and with Elsa attempting to hone her mastery over her ice abilities.

Anna voice actress Kristen Bell previously teased some new developments and new faces while speaking to Sirius XM.

"You'll see new characters and you will see...you'll know from my perspective what I did with Jen the writer, what she did with me rather, was she was so collaborative on the first one," Bell said. "We sat down as she was writing the second one and she said 'ya know you had a hand in creating this character. What do you think her next step should be? What's her next hurdle, her next epiphany. What do you go through that's similar to her?' I told her a lot of things that I had personally been going through and why I thought that resonated with what I think Anna would be feeling and she wrote that into the script."

Frozen 2 is scheduled to premiere in theaters on November 27th.