Funko's New Gremlins Gizmo Pop Could Easily Become Baby Yoda Driving a Toy Car


Over the weekend Funko launched their Gremlins Pop Rides figure of Gizmo in his red toy car as a Hot Topic exclusive, and it's pretty adorable. It's also pretty affordable at $23.92 thanks to a 20% discount. Plus, a little green paint and some highlights from a decent artist is all that would be necessary to make this a custom Pop figure of Baby Yoda driving a sporty little car. Either way, this is an awesome Pop. You can order one right here while they last. If they sell out, you can always grab one here on eBay.

Now, the die-hard Gremlins fans out there might be wondering why the toy car depicted here is so much different from the pink Corvette Gizmo drove in the Gremlins film. That's because including it would require getting Corvette and possibly Barbie / Mattel involved. We're guessing that would be expensive. A little pink paint wouldn't completely fix this Pop figure, but it would be a start.


Speaking of Baby Yoda, you can still find the standard Baby Yoda Pop figure here at Walmart and here on Amazon with shipping slated for May. A 10-inch super-sized version can be found here at Walmart and here at Amazon. Both Pops are currently discounted.

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