Funko's 'Split' Pop Series Kicks Off With Two Personalities


In M. Night Shyamalan's movie Split, Kevin Wendell Crumb has 24 different personalities (counting The Beast). Funko started the Split Pop figure series with only two of them. You can pre-order Hedwig here and The Beast here with shipping slated for November.

There's no way that Funko is going to stop here. A Patricia Pop is a must and we still have the Unbreakable / Eastrail 177 Trilogy to complete with the arrival of Glass on January 18th (a brand new Glass trailer dropped today btw). So I guess we'll just have to be patient. Personally, I'm waiting for them to drop a 24-pack as a convention exclusive. Nah, they wouldn't do that. Or would they?


On a related note, Entertainment Earth is currently in the midst of a very rare buy one, get one 50% off sale on their Funko Pop collection. We're not talking about clearance-level Pop figures here. We're talking about a collection of over 3000 figures that includes the hottest pre-orders and exclusives. At the time of writing, the Split Pop figures weren't part of the sale, but the listings are brand new and there's a very good chance that will change. Pretty much every Funko Pop they sell is eligible.

You can shop the entire Funko BOGO 50% off sale right here sorted by bestsellers. Use the checkboxes on the left to sort the figures by theme, character, and more (or just run a search). Needless to say, the sheer size of this Funko sale makes it a bit overwhelming, but we’ve included links to some popular collections below to get you started. If you want to maximize the deal, keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $79 or more.

Funko's Fornite Pop Figure Collection
Funko's The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop Figure Collection
Funko's Dragon Ball Pop Figure Collection
Funko's Marvel Pop Figures
Funko's DC Comics Pop Figures
Funko's Star Wars Pop Figures
Funko's Harry Potter Pop Figures
Funko's Doctor Who Pop Figures
Funko's Die Hard Pop Figures
Funko Notorious B.I.G. With Crown Pop Figure
Funko Power Rangers Pop Figures

The list above barely scratches the surface of this Funko sale, so set aside some time to browse through the entire list. You have until October 23rd to take advantage of the deal, but the lineup will change daily and the best stuff will go quickly.


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