Harry Potter: Mystery of Dobby Caught on Security Cam Has Possible Explanation

One of the weirdest mysteries of 2019 may be one step closer to being solved. Earlier this year, a security camera video shared by Twitter @jadynbee_ went viral, which showcased an alien-esque figure walking down a driveway. The video sparked quite a lot of attention - and confusion - at the time, with many comparing the figure to Mac from Mac and Me or Dobby from Harry Potter. Several months after the video initially went viral, Inside Edition got to the bottom of it in a pretty amusing way. In a segment, which you can check out above, the program travels to the home of Vivian Gomez, whose driveway was visited by the figure.

The interview examines a few of the theories that popped up in the wake of the original video, with some wondering if it was a young child wearing underwear on their head. Gomez's son, Bobby, claims that he was not the creature in the video, in part because he and his mom were inside watching television at the time.

"No." Bobby says, when asked if he was the culprit in the video. "I'm sure. Definitely."

Bobby and his friend Montana go on to both proclaim their innocence, and to showcase their best attempts at the creature's "chicken dance" walk.

Ultimately, the interview doesn't conclusively answer what the cause of this "Dobby" video was, but at least it eliminates some possible theories. The possibility of it being some very guerilla marketing for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game has also been ruled out. Either way, it looks like Dobby might be as free of an elf as he's ever been.


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