'Hellboy': Blood Queen Motion Poster Released

Just over a month from release, the marketing team behind Hellboy is starting to pull out all of [...]

Just over a month from release, the marketing team behind Hellboy is starting to pull out all of the stops. Earlier in the weekend, they released a pair of new television spots with a few new seconds of footage and now, they've released a poster featuring the film's antagonist, Nimue the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich).

Though it's nothing that reveals all too much about the movie, the motion poster is chock full of a deep red color, showing off Nimue and her crown as "All hail the Blood Queen" pops up at the end, using the typography from the movie's logo.

Speaking with Kevin Smith at Sundance earlier in the year, Jovovich called her take on the classic Hellboy villain "very cool."

"It was incredible to be a part of that franchise and it was really fun filming it," the actor reflected. "My character is very witchy but also she's very cool and very sweet, and I don't understand why everyone's trying to kill her. It's really too bad."

"She's trying to bring the human world and the monster world together, to unite," the Resident Evil star continued. "And I don't know, nobody wants to see that happen."

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, who also had a hand in the development of the upcoming Neil Marshall reboot, previously mentioned the team wanted to make this movie much different than any previous superhero movies.

"And the more Marvel stuff there is, the more DC stuff there is, Hellboy never really feels like — even in the del Toro things — a superhero movie. It's so much 'big teams of guys, in costumes, running around and saving the world from big cosmic menace stuff...'" Mignola said.

"I believe the new movie will feel even less like a regular superhero thing," he continued. "The idea with this one was to make it play much less like a superhero film, to downplay the superhero elements even more than del Toro did. This one is much more folklore/mythology/horror, and not 'big team rushing into to do battle with whatever kind of stuff.'"

Hellboy stomps into theaters April 12th.

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