Home Sweet Home Alone Stars Reveal Their Favorite Home Alone Traps

The original 1990 comedy Home Alone included some creative traps, courtesy of Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister. When Kevin was left at home by his family for the holidays, two thieves — Joe Pesci's Harry and Daniel Stern's Marv — tried to steal everything in the McCallister household. Kevin responded by rigging the house with various homemade traps, that resulted in hilarious gags throughout the film. Stars of Home Sweet Home Alone, a revival of the franchise on Disney+, have revealed which of Home Alone's traps are their favorite.

Home Sweet Home Alone stars Ally Maki, Aisling Bea, Archie Yates, Rob Delaney, and Ellie Kemper talked with ComicBook.com about the movie, which debuted Friday, November 12th on Disney+ Day. Surprisingly, almost all five stars each had a different trap that left an impression on them.

"I would say aside from the paint cans, because it's just always a good time with the paint cans, my favorite part is when he puts the spider on his chest because when he screams with this spider, it gets you every time," Maki answered. "Then he runs up in the attic and he does, you know the zip line? And I think that's just one of my favorite scenes for sure."

Bea said, "I did love the cars in the original. I just think that's a visually and how it's shot is a sort of beautiful moment." Yates, who plays the protagonist Max Mercer in Home Sweet Home Alone, gave a succinct one-word response: "Flamethrower."

Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper play the movie's evil married duo. Delaney said that even though a trailer gives away his selection, it's one that even made him cringe from the type of injury it can result in. "I mean they show it in the trailer for this one. So I think that's fine. But when Jeff my character jumps onto the trampoline, they pull the leg up and then he helicopters around into the tree," he said. "I mean that was written pretty explicitly in the script and when I even read that, I thought, geez, that's terrible. I mean that's that's hospitalization for at least six months. And then seeing how it's done was that to me is like the nastiest because I think that's the only one that could like snap a human body in half."

Last but not least, Kemper echoed her appreciation for the blowtorch. "I do like the blowtorch...to Joe Pesci's head. Yeah, just his expression. I mean that's all. How is he still that...you may not have withstood that."

Home Sweet Home Alone is now streaming on Disney+. If you've given it a viewing, give us your thoughts down in the comments.