How 'Bright' Already Set Up a Sequel

Critics might have hated Bright, but Netflix doesn't seem to care. With a glowing fan reception, and a reported 11 million subscribers tuning in to watch the film on opening weekend, the streaming service announced that a sequel has been given the green light.

No matter how you felt about the fantasy film, Netflix's first big-budget blockbuster, it's hard not to see that Bright built an entire world to exist in, opening the door for sequels and spinoffs.

With that in mind, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Netflix decided to move forward with another installment, especially considering Bright's ending totally set up a sequel in more ways than one.

Tikka's Return

One of the biggest hints Bright offered toward a sequel was the inclusion of Tikka (Lucy Fry) in the final scene.

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During the final battle with Leilah (Noomi Rapace), it looked like Tikka had died trying to defend the wand. Ward (Will Smith) tried to save her but was too late. The building came down and her life was seemingly over.

However, when Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) was receiving his medal at the end of the movie, Ward looked out through the crowd and locked eyes with Tikka, who was sneaking around unnoticed.

Tikka has a lot of information that could help the world in the war against dark magic and getting a hold of her might be a pivotal plot point in a sequel.

Ward's Abilities and Jakoby's Prophecy

In the third act of Bright, massive changes were brought about in both Ward and Jakoby.

Ward's future took a turn when he grabbed that wand and defeated Leilah. That act alone seemingly confirmed that he was a Bright, and held the power to wield and control the forces of magic.

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(Photo: Netflix)

As for Jakoby, he fulfilled a prophecy, making him a new hero amongst orcs everywhere. The character, who was mostly hated by his people, was brought back from the dead, making him some kind of "chosen orc."

Both of these characters will have a lot more power to work with in the Bright sequel, but these acts also make the targets on their backs even bigger.

The Dark One

Finally, it's worth considering the possibility that the Dark One could be the main villain of the sequel, seeing as how Bright gave the evil wizard a way to come back from the dead.

The Dark One was defeated thousands of years before the events of Bright, but he's not completely gone. With wands as hard to come by as they are, legend has it that three of them can combine together to create enough power to bring the Dark One back.

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(Photo: Netflix)

If you recall, when Leilah was trying to take the wand from Tikka and Ward, she mentioned that she already had two wands. The Inferni are very close to giving the Dark One life once again, which means trouble for the rest of the world.

While Netflix has officially ordered a sequel to Bright, a release date has yet to be revealed. Stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are both said to be returning for the next film, with David Ayer writing and directing.