'Indiana Jones 5': Karen Allen Would Love to Return as Marion Ravenwood

While Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may have been a complete disaster, it did [...]

While Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may have been a complete disaster, it did give us something to cherish: the return of Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood.

Allen played more than just Jones' love interest in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Marion was an incredibly badass, independent heroine who could drink any man under the table. Seeing her again in Crystal Skull almost made the movie experience worth it, so we're not going to be shy about wanting to see her onscreen for the long-awaited fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise.

According to Nerdist, the question of Marion's return is still up in the air. The site caught up with Allen, who is celebrating the 30th anniversary of another one of her iconic movies, Scrooged. They took a break from the Christmas movie talk to ask the actress if she'd be returning for Indiana Jones 5.

"I would love to return," she answered, "and I think that there's a plan to shoot a fifth and possibly final one–at least in the incarnation of it being done by Steven and Harrison–and I'm very hopeful that I'll be part of it."

Allen is right in that Ford and Spielberg are both signed on for the project, which has been pushed back to 2021. We're all anxious to see the Nazi-fighting, lady-loving archaeologist again, especially considering it's been 10 years since Crystal Skull was released. Before that, it had been 19 years since The Last Crusade.

While not much else is known about the upcoming film, we do know Jonathan Kasdan is set to write the script. Kasdan was the co-writer of Solo: A Star Wars Story and is the son of Lawrence Kasdan, who actually wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark.

When it comes to the fate of her casting, Allen thinks "that will reveal itself in probably a year, when they have a script and are moving towards production." "For now though," she adds, "it's still a mystery!"

The actress believes there are two ways the new movie can approach her character. "I haven't been told if Marion's coming back," she clarified, "You know, I imagine that the film will start and he'll be standing at my grave, or I'll be coming back. You never know."

Attention Steven Spielberg: Please don't kill off Marion Ravenwood!! Sincerely, every woman who idolized her growing up.

While it'll be a while before you can see Indiana Jones 5, Spielberg does have plenty more projects in the works. His West Side Story remake is currently in production.