James Gunn Explains How Future DC Films Will Cast Actors

DC Films president James Gunn just explained how the company would be choosing actors for future projects. As with most casting decisions, it will come down to fit and who fits into the partnership. The Guardians of the Galaxy director fielded a question from a fan on Twitter who begged him not to just bring over his favorites from the Marvel Studios franchise. That commenter can feel good in the fact that Gunn isn't just importing his cast of quirky heroes from the MCU. Instead, he'll be choosing the names that he feel best accentuate each individual project and moving from there. Will you probably see some favorites? Yes, but don't expect a Challengers of the Unknown movie headlined by Chris Pratt in the near future. Check out what he had to say right here.

Gunn replied to the idea that he would only be choosing MCU actors that came over to DC Films. "We have hundreds of roles to cast. As I've always done, some will be brand new faces, some will be actors I've worked with before, & some will be actors you know who I've never worked with. What matters most is the actor fits the role & they're easy to work with," he said.

 Will the Guardians of the Galaxy Be Around in the DC Films Landscape?

A quick quip in an Empire Magazine interview likely jumpstarted all of this. Gunn talked about making Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and how much he loved the cast. In that moment he mentioned that he hoped to work with them again at his "other job."

"This cast are like my family," he says. "I cannot tell you how close I am to Chris Pratt and Pom [Klementieff] and Dave [Bautista] and Zoe [Saldaña] and Karen [Gillan]. But I also know I will work again with all those people individually again." The director said before laughing: "Probably at my other job."

When he and Peter Safran were hired, the DC head explained some core princples that were very similar to the tweet above. "One of the things Peter & I were aware of when we took the job as heads of DC Studios was a certain minority of people online that could be, well, uproarious & unkind, to say the least," Gunn told fans on Instagram. "Our choices for the DCU are based upon what we believe is best for the story & best for the DC characters who have been around for nearly 85 years. Perhaps these choices are great, perhaps not, but they are made with sincere hearts & integrity & always with the story in mind." 

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