Lobo Project Teased by James Gunn on Mastodon

James Gunn used his first post on Mastodon to stir the pot about Lobo. People saw him greet other people on the social media platform and the first question on everyone's mind is: "Does this mean there's Loboin the works?" While we don't know that for sure, it's nice to see one of the people in charge over at DC Comics showing some love to some fan-favorite villains. Gunn knows that will draw some excitement too. His surprise reveal as the head of DC Films was one of the biggest shocks of this year. Go ahead and speculate for yourself with the post down below!

Could A Lobo Project Be On The Way?

Lots of actors have wanted to get the role of Lobo in live-action. Despite the character's popularity in animated series and movies, there have been so few instances of The Main Man showing up in big DC Comics projects. All of that could change with Gunn at the helm. He's known for taking some chances with the company's larger catalog as evidenced by The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. Superman fans could only dream of Lobo being the villain he has to contend with on the silver screen next. But, if there's anyone in Hollywood who wants to play him, it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


"The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo. He's badass," Morgan said a couple of years ago. But, he's always wanted to get that movie done. "Lobo would be very cool. I don't think that I'm as big as Lobo is, but if you could transplant Mickey Rourke's body on my head, that would be just great," he said praising the character.

Lobo's Last Time On-Screen

Krypton fans are all nodding along with this praise for the character. After all , they were the last ones to see him in a big live-action project as a focal point. Emmett J. Scanlan actually talked about how they tried to honor Lobo when speaking with Comicbook.com back in 2019!

"We pay massive respect to all the comics and the heritage of the character. If it ain't broke don't fix it." Scanlan told ComicBook.com when asked about his stint on Krypton. "Physically I ain't the biggest son of a bitch out there, so it was of the utmost importance I captured this guys spirit. Because that's all that matters really..... You ain't getting the biggest Lobo in the universe but I promise you you're getting the craziest."

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