Josh Brolin On Goonies Sequel: “I Want To Do It.”

Josh Brolin Goonies

When Josh Brolin participated in a Reddit AMA earlier today, he seemed a little uncertain on if he would do a Goonies sequel. However, in an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Brolin confirmed that he would definitely do a Goonies sequel if asked.

In speaking about the 30th anniversary of The Goonies, Brolin said, "You do a movie like that , you don't know how it's going to turn out, and then it turns out into a cult film. And then you're sick of hearing it after twenty years, because you haven't done a film that's any good that actually matches the Goonies."

When Fallon pointed out that Richard Donner said [Steven] Spielberg had an idea for the sequel and that everyone in the first one was invited back for the second one, Brolin responded, "I would do it in a second. Of course, I would do it."

Even though Brolin would do it if the opportunity arose, he continued to express skepticism that it would actually happen.


"I would do it. I would do it. But every five years, I keep hearing that we're going to do it," said Brolin. "And then, finally when you hear something like Richard Donner, it's on TMZ, so you can't believe it. But, yes, we're going to do it. I'm like, 'It says TMZ on the bottom.' So, I want to do it. I want to do it. Of course, I would do it."