Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals Her 'Jurassic World 3' Hopes

Fans have to wait three years to see Jurassic World 3, but if it were up to star Bryce Dallas Howard, the third film would end up bringing together all corners of the franchise for a fulfilling storyline.

"In terms of the third movie, the goal overall is to bring the entire saga together," Howard shared with CinemaBlend. "It'll be the sixth film at the end of the day. For me, what I'm most wanting, other than an undercut, is for there to be more characters from the earlier films."

As far as how the upcoming film will thematically tie the whole franchise together, there are a number of avenues to explore, but as far as nostalgia is confirmed, it's possible the sixth film will bring back fan-favorite characters.

The first sequel to the original film, The Lost World, focused on Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm, while the third film focused on Sam Neill's Alan Grant. For Jurassic World, the narrative shifted gears completely, only bringing back B.D. Wong from his brief appearance in the original film. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Goldblum returned for a glorified cameo.

As far as series producer and director of the upcoming sixth film, Colin Trevorrow, is concerned, he'd also like to see more original characters come back.

"We felt like this was [Ian] Malcolm's return… this was his… let him have his moment," Trevorrow shared with MTV's Seen It, Spill It. "I feel that way about everyone, especially Laura [Dern]… she never got to have her own movie. That identified as being something that's important. We just wanted to put the spotlight on [Goldblum]."

When the host of the interview shared how disappointed he'd be to not see Dern get the spotlight again, Trevorrow replied, "I totally agree with that. I would feel robbed too."

While both Howard and Trevorrow hope to bring back classic elements from the series, the producer also admitted how much will have changed in the upcoming film and how it's a departure from what audiences have come to expect.

"I just wanted the end of [Fallen Kingdom] to show that the equilibrium has changed for the characters and for the world," Trevorrow shared with Empire. "That nothing will ever be the same as it was at the beginning of the film, and to have a wish-fulfillment promise of us being able to take this into a place that is truly exciting and something that we haven't seen before. I have a dinosaur movie that I've always wanted to see, and it took two movies to earn it."

Fans will find out what the film has in store when Jurassic World 3 opens on June 11, 2021.


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