New 'Jurassic World' Theme Park Ride Possibly Revealed

Universal Studios is working on a fourth park, and it seems a Jurassic World ride is going to be a part of it if things go according to plan.

Universal has applied for several new patents that seem to be related to new entertainment attractions for their popular theme parks. The new patents were uncovered by DIS Universal, and one of the attractions definitely suggests Jurassic World.

As you can see in the designs, this particular ride seems to mimic the spherical design of the Gyrosphere vehicles from Jurassic World, something that Universal has wanted to implement into their parks for some time. The inside of the Gyrosphere would allow for passengers to feel several effects related to g-forces and airflow, paving the way for say someone to be chased by a giant dinosaur...right? You can check out some of the design images and their official description of the vehicle below.

(Photo: DISUniversal)

"Movement of the passenger support system, and thus, the passenger, within the annular structure, causes the sensation of airflow around the passenger’s body (e.g., arms and legs) and may allow the passenger a heightened amusement ride experience. Additionally, relatively minor movement of the passenger support system may create additional forces on the rider’s body due, in part, to the distribution of gravitational forces. The combination of physical effects such as airflow and g-forces, along with visual effects such as a visual effect device, screen, or facade may provide the passenger with an immersive amusement ride experience."

(Photo: DISUniversal)

We think this would be insanely popular, and since Univeral owns even more free land these days, we think they can find a way to implement it, despite already having a Jurassic Park attraction at one of their other parks. A fourth park hasn't actually been announced yet, but during a recent Q&A, the company held a representative from Comcast (Universal Orlando Resort's parent company) made it clear it is something they would love to do.

(Photo: DISUniversal)

“We are looking at it. We love the theme park business. It’s one of our best, most consistent businesses. We think we have a lot of very long runway. Another [park] in Florida would have the advantage of turning Florida from a two- or three-day destination to potentially a week-long destination. We think that would be attractive.”


Fingers crossed both a fourth park and a Jurassic World ride end up happening.

H/T SlashFilm