Keanu Reeves Addresses if John Wick 4 Finally Gets a Happy Ending (Exclusive)

One constant of the John Wick franchise is its depressed protagonist, hellbent on getting revenge for those who've ever wronged him. As seen in the first film, everything is ripped away from the assassin in the blink of an eye and according to the actor behind Wick, the character may never find peace. When's Brandon Davis asked Keanu Reeves what happiness looks like for Wick, the actor said it doesn't exist.

"I guess it would have to be a fantasy film, because his wife would be alive and they could live happily ever after," Reeves told us.

Will there be another John Wick movie?

 If there is a John Wick: Chapter 5, Wick helmer Chad Stahelski says it will only enter development after he and Reeves have had adequate time to rest from the Chapter 4 press tour and associated promotional events.

"In our minds, Keanu and I are done for the moment. We're going to give John Wick a rest," Stahelski shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm sure the studio has a plan. If everyone loves it and it goes kooky, then we'll take a quiet minute. Wicks always, for some weird reason, always get the latest release date in Japan. It's always like, three months later. If it's the same this time, we'll do a Japanese tour and release the movie in September. Keanu and I will take the long trip to Tokyo, we'll sit in the Imperial Hotel Scotch Bar and go, 'What do you think?' We'll have a couple 20-year-old whiskies and write some ideas on napkins. If those ideas stick, maybe we'll make a movie."

As of now, John Wick: Chapter 4 is the last film in the main line to have a scheduled release. A spin-off film, the Ana de Armas-starring Ballerina, is currently in production and a television series, The Continental, should be dropping on Peacock within the next year or so.

John Wick: Chapter 4 will hit theaters on March 24th. What other John Wick Universe spinoffs would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter!