Kevin Smith Reveals His Biggest Regret When He Suffered a Heart Attack and Thought He Would Die

Kevin Smith fans were shocked and alarmed in February of 2018 when the filmmaker revealed that he [...]

Kevin Smith fans were shocked and alarmed in February of 2018 when the filmmaker revealed that he had suffered a near-fatal heart attack, which saw him completely modify his health regimen. In addition to shedding plenty of pounds, fans have seen Smith embrace a new lease on life, regularly expressing his appreciation for surviving the incident. While the filmmaker made a name for himself with films like Clerks and Mallrats, recent years saw him focusing more on podcasts, with his theatrical efforts being received more negatively than his early works. Smith admitted that, of his biggest regrets during the scare, he was disappointed that his last film would have been Yoga Hosers.

"When I had the heart attack and I was on the table they were like, 'You might die,'" Smith shared with Entertainment Weekly. "I was actually okay with that. I was like, I've had a great life. The only regret I had was, 'Man, I wish I had gotten to make Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, because now the last movie I ever made was Yoga Hosers. F—!' But I did get to make Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and now I feel like, well, if this was it, if I never got to make another movie — or if the heart came back and was like, 'Aha!' and f—ing finally killed me — I'd be okay with this being the last movie."

Released in 2016, Yoga Hosers earned 22% positive reviews from critics, according to aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, with only 33% of the site's users giving it a positive score. While Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has yet to hit theaters, the film is a return to form for the filmmaker, enlisting a number of his regular collaborators to reprise their roles that helped establish their careers.

"It's a real scrapbook of everything I've ever done over the last 25 years, everything since Clerks," Smith pointed out. "There's a mini-Clerks sequel in it, there's a mini-Mallrats sequel in it, there's an eight-minute Chasing Amy sequel in it, and there's even a little Dogma sequel in it. So, I got to pull all my old toys out of the attic and play with them again, man. It feels like a nice closing statement to my career, if that is it. It's almost going to be a shame if I wind up living, and keep making more movies, because I'll fuck it up again. But this movie is really wonderful."

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot lands in theaters on October 15th.

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