Kevin Smith Looks Tiny Posing With Giant Funko POP of Himself

Filmmaker and professional fanboy Kevin Smith has long been in the action figure game, the "inaction" figures of his Viewaskew movies were staples of his late 1990s and early 2000s business. Even with other toys of him out in the world, he's never seen one this big. Smith took to social media to reveal a photo of him next to a HUGE Funko POP! of himself as Silent Bob alongside, naturally, the huge Jay figure as well. The writer/director is set to reprise his role once again on the big screen with the upcoming Clerks III, marking his ninth appearance in his one of his own films as the character.

"At @The_SecretStash , I finally got to meet my heroes!" Smith wrote. "This is the first time I've seen the giant @OriginalFunko Pops of me & @JayMewes in real life – and they are ADORABLE! Plus? They make me look really tiny! Come by the Stash and say hi to me and my boys!" It's worth noting that there are multiple different versions of Smith as a Funko POP! including variants of real-life Smith such as Director Kevin Smith, Comic Book Men Kevin Smith, and FatMan Beyond Kevin Smith. As of press time the giant Silent Bob POP! is the only one that we know of that comes in mega-size, it is also likely not for sale.

An official release date for Smith's Clerks III hasn't been confirmed yet but the director has been offering regular updates on its post-production process as it gets closer. The final update came in the early part of February when Smith confirmed that the movie was "hours away" from being done at the time with the last VFX shots being wrapped up.

"The images on screen may look like they're from Clerks but they're actually incredible recreations of the past as seen in Clerks III!" Smith wrote on Instagram. "We finished the sound mix for Clerks III at @ugosound in #burbank yesterday, and @learan is back east in NYC at @goldcrestpostny, putting the final touches on the last few vfx shots that @armenvfx and @encore_vfx saved our asses with. That means we are hours away from being completely finished on #clerks3. Last year at this time, it was just a second draft of a script; one year later, we're delivering a finished film to @lionsgate. And to thank them for giving me the money to go back to @quickstopgroceries, I'm giving them my absolute best."  

Featuring returning stars Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jason Mewes as Jay, and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, Clerks III releases in 2022 from Lionsgate.