Evil Dead Star Bruce Campbell Asks Kevin Smith for a Role in Mallrats Sequel

Beloved genre actor Bruce Campbell wants a role in Kevin Smith's The Twilight of the Mallrats, and it seems as though the filmmaker has an idea of just how he might use Campbell's considerable talent. In one of those Twitter back-and-forths that will end up copied and pasted for months if the movie (and Campbell's role) become a reality, Campbell quote-tweeted an article about Smith writing the script for the Mallrats sequel, and tweeted at Smith that he wanted a part, joking that he would play "the milkman." Campbell, who told ComicBook.com last year that he was finished playing parts that require "seven-year TV contracts" and preferred one-and-done or short-term gigs like his role on the late, lamented Lodge 49.

Smith's reply to Campbell's tweet is pretty exciting, too. Like Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, and even Kevin Smith before him, Smith wants Campbell to play a version of himself in the sequel.

"The role I have for you in Twilight of the Mallrats is the part you were born to play: [Bruce Campbell] himself!" Smith tweeted back. "In a world where Brodie's biggest hero [Stan Lee] is gone (but never forgotten), he's gonna need all his other heroes. And Brodie loooooves Evil Dead 2 & Ash!"

Campbell has yet to reply, but it would not be hard to see him playing an over-the-top version of himself -- if only because he already has some experience playing a larger-than-life, comic version of a celebrity in the form of Bubba Ho-Tep, in which he played an aging Elvis battling mummies (yes, really).

As for Jason Lee's Brodie Bruce character? Brodie appeared in last year's Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, having moved his comic shop into an abandoned mall. It seems likely that the sequel will deal with the death spiral that many suburban malls are in, and the marital strife hinted at during Brodie's scenes in Reboot. Like Jay (Jason Mewes), Brodie apparently has a daughter -- Banner Bruce, named for the Incredible Hulk -- who may also make an appearance.


It is difficult to know whether Jeremy London, Claire Forlani, or Shannen Doherty might appear in the film. While they all had significant roles in the first movie, hey have not reappeared in Smith's work as regularly since. Forlani and London have never shown up again, and Doherty's last View Askew appearance was in 2001's Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, in which she briefly played herself in a cameo role.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, meanwhile, is coming to home video later this month. Smith told ComicBook.com back when it was hitting theaters that there will also be a commentary track recorded and released on one of his podcasts.