Man of Steel's Buller: Jenny Evolved As the Movie Went On

0commentsRebecca Buller, who played Jenny.

Ever since she first popped up on IMDb with the name "Jenny Olsen" attached to her character, young actress Rebecca Buller has been the focus of more attention than your average supporting character would get. Is she a gender-swapped version of Jimmy Olsen? His sister? Someone else entirely? Did IMDb--user-edited and prone to tampering--simply get it wrong? And who's Jenny Jurwich? caught up with Buller at last night's World Premiere and asked her what, exactly, was the deal with her character. "As I understand it, there was an evolution of what they wanted my character to be," Buller told us. Sounds like the Olsen identity and Jurwich confusion weren't a construct created to keep fans on their toes as much as something that changed along the way.